Airports Served By PReP

  • Las Americas International Airport, Sto Domingo, Dominican Republic (2013)
  • USTDA Latin America and Caribbean Airport Resiliency Workshop (2014)
  • Miami, Florida, USA; Juan Santamaria Airport, San Jose, Costa Rica (2015)
  • Liberia International Airport, Liberia, Costa Rica (2015)
  • Merida International Airport, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico (2015)
  • Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston, Jamaica (2016)
  • Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica (2016)
  • Ian Fleming International Airport, Ochos Rios, Jamaica (2016)

USTDA – LAC Workshop

USTDA“Resiliency” contains two main concepts: resistance to disruption (call it “preventive resiliency”) and the ability to regain an acceptable level of function more quickly after a disruption (call it “reactive resiliency”).The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), in cooperation with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, is sponsoring a major U.S./Latin America/Caribbean Airport Resiliency Workshop, December 15-17, 2014, at the Epic Hotel in Miami, Florida. USTDA will be bring up to 18 senior airport and aviation officials from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Panama to participate in the high level workshop. The agenda will address infrastructure improvements, information technology security, interoperable communications, secondary energy plans, emergency response and much more. In addition, representatives from U.S. disaster assistance groups, SEADOG and WESTDOG, will share best practices and suggest how similar alliances could strengthen preparedness in the region. This forum will also serve as a valuable opportunity for U.S. industry participants to build meaningful working relationships with key Latin America and Caribbean partners.

In response to lessons learned during the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti and from hurricanes in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the U.S., Americas Relief Team (ART) began in 2012 to develop the Port Resiliency Program (PReP). PReP provides LAC ports with technical, material, and strategic support to help them tackle the complex challenges inherent in preparing for and responding to a crisis.

During the conference, ART will lead an interactive Table Top Exercise (TTX) using lesson learned from past PReP projects in the Caribbean. Participants will be involved in every aspect of the TTX and will gain hands-on interaction with PReP leaders. Simulation will test each country’s reaction and response to natural or man-made disasters in the LAC region.

A Salute to FedEx

As the 2014 Hurricane Season approaches, Americas Relief Team (ART) wishes to salute FedEx Global Citizenship for their continuous commitment in providing disaster relief around the world. For decades, FedEx has used its nearly 700 planes, 75,000 trucks and the world’s most powerful and versatile transportation and logistics network to deliver critical supplies, services and expertise to support victims of disaster. At FedEx, disaster relief is their DNA. Each year, they set aside space for as much as four million pounds of disaster-related charitable shipping. They also leverage their logistics expertise, scale and work on long-term recovery efforts in communities like New Orleans and Haiti that, years later, still have a lot of rebuilding to do.
ART is honored to partner with FedEx, in support of the Port Resiliency Program (PReP) to help countries in Latin America and the Caribbean build the preparedness and response capacity of their ports and airports. Together, PReP helps mitigate the damaging effects of disaster-related port closures on the delivery of relief supplies and on local jobs, businesses and economies.