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Over the last fifteen years Americas Relief Team (ART) has developed a great deal of resources and experience that could be brought to bear to assist the people of the LAC region.  Year-after-year we have assisted countries in improving their disaster preparedness capabilities and mobilized efforts to provide substantial assistance after devastating disasters. In response to lessons learned during the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti and from hurricanes in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the U.S., Americas Relief Team (ART) began in 2012 to develop the Port Resiliency Program (PReP). PReP provides LAC ports with technical, material, and strategic support to help them tackle the complex challenges inherent in preparing for and responding to a crisis.

PReP’s goals are:

  • To protect life, property, and economic vitality.
  • To enhance regional and national resiliency by protecting transportation infrastructure.
  • To help airports and seaports improve their resiliency through cost-effective, relatively easy-to-implement methods.
  • To facilitate rapid import and distribution of commerce and humanitarian aid to victims following a crisis occurrence.

PReP’s objectives are:

  • To help airports and seaports improve their disaster preparedness
  • To speed the post-disaster recovery of airports and seaports
  • To help airports and seaports coordinate resumption of commercial service with extraordinary relief activities during disaster response and recovery
  • To promote improved inter-agency coordination and communication
  • To promote mutual aid among airports and airports, seaports and seaports, and airports and seaports

PReP’s Executive Committee:

Dr. Teo Babun
Executive Director
AmericasRelief Team
(305) 884-0441
(786) 546-0429

Robert Hans
Technical Coordinator
Port Resiliency Program
(305) 648-2877
(305) 776-0742

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