Our Experience

Over the last fifteen years Americas Relief Team (ART) has developed a great deal of resources and experience that could be brought to bear to assist the people of the LAC region.  Year-after-year we have assisted countries in improving their disaster preparedness capabilities and mobilized efforts to provide substantial assistance after devastating hurricanes caused deaths and massive devastation. ART’s Port Resiliency Program (PReP) is designed to improve the disaster readiness of airports and seaports in the LAC region. PReP applies lessons learned from recent disasters along with widely received best practices to assist regional ports in advancing continuity of operations. The program promotes capacity building, implements resiliency assessment and planning activities, and provides post-disaster technical and commodities support. It is based on the creation, development, and dissemination of state-of-the art disaster mitigation standard operating procedures and training. PReP seeks to achieve the swift revitalization of the logistics supply chain after a disaster, facilitating the rapid delivery of much-needed aid and stabilizing traumatized communities. With full implementation, PReP will achieve speedy restoration of ports following major crisis events. PReP’s multi-agency articulation creates a standardized, viable set of policies and procedures for disaster mitigation and port reconstruction that can be formalized and communicated to essential port personnel via intensive and realistic training, drills, and practice. The resulting heightened proactive stance will establish an effective set of protocols for regional response to ensure that ports are fully operable as quickly as possible, maximizing the timely delivery of critical humanitarian aid to local communities while minimizing the avoidable hardships that can unfold in the wake of a disaster.